RT24 Surface Temperature Sensor


  • Low cost surface temperature sensor
  • Fast response, excellent thermal tracking
  • High accuracy thermister
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40°C to 150°C
  • 2000 Volt isolation sensor to terminal
  • #6 stud (0.144" diameter) hole size


The Model RT24 is a low cost surface temperature sensor which provides a fast response time and excellent thermal tracking. It operates over a wide temperature range and can be used to monitor the temperature of heat sinks, power transistors, or any flat surface that requires thermal overload protection.

The RT24 consists of a highly stable NTC thermistor epoxied to a tin-plated copper ring lug terminal. The sensor leads are AWG#24 wires with kynar insulation. A heat shrinkable sleeve is used to provide strain relief and to guarantee 2000 volt isolation between the sensor and the mounting terminal.

Contact the factory for specific design or application information or the availability of options.

RT24 Surface Temperature Sensor Datasheet (199K)
RT24 Surface Temperature Sensor Product Information
Part Number R25 (Ω) Material Curve Wire Color Customize
A3003RT24K0 3,000 Z Red Customize and configure your RT24 Surface Temperature Sensor Solution
A5003RT24K0 5,000 Z Blue Customize and configure your RT24 Surface Temperature Sensor Solution
A1004RT24K1 10,000 Z Black Customize and configure your RT24 Surface Temperature Sensor Solution
Standard resistance tolerance is ±2% at 25°C.
CustomizeThis Probe! RT24 Surface Temperature Sensor RT24 Surface Temperature Sensor Graph RT24 Surface Temperature Sensor Graph
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